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10 Productivity Habits of Top Recruiters and Sales Executives

We all know that staffing is a speed game – a race against time – a constant battle against distractions. So what can we do to gain more time, reduce distractions, and get more done? To find out, we interviewed dozens of top 10% producers – recruiters and sales executives – to learn about their […]

NewVector is Now a TechServe Approved Continuing Education Provider

We’re thrilled to announce that NewVector is now a TechServe Approved Continuing Education Provider. TechServe Alliance CPSAEs and CPSRs must complete 24 hours of Continuing Education (CEUs) during the three year period after earning their certification. Now you can choose from 60 NewVector courses to maintain your TechServe Alliance CPSAE and CPSR certifications. See TechServe […]

How to Target Highly Profitable IT Staffing Niche Markets

The world of IT staffing continues to undergo rapid change and we’re seeing IT staffing firms that are becoming increasingly specialized, which is why you need to know how to target the highly profitable IT staffing niche markets. Generalist versus specialist approach Before the big box staffing firms entered the industry, IT staffing was a […]

Why Your Staffing Firm is Leaking Gross Margin … and how to dramatically increase profits by fixing the leaks

In my experience, the majority of staffing firms are leaving gross margin on the table. They do so by paying temporary employees above market and/or charging customers below market. I say this from the perspective of a consultant that helps staffing firms capture higher gross margins. I see a tremendous amount of gross margin leakage. […]

The Value of Advanced Boolean Search Skills

“There’s gold in that database – if we could just find it” Writing targeted, precise Boolean search strings to source talent is a crucial game-changer that many recruiting teams lack. Recruiting managers often tell me their recruiters are well versed in Boolean. But in my experience, less than 10% of recruiters are leveraging advanced Boolean […]

Ten Suggestions for Improving Your RFI/RFP Response Win Rate

More than a decade ago, when I was working as a recruiting manager, I received an email that changed my life. It was an RFP from our largest client, telling us they had put their entire contingent IT staffing business out for bid. For the next two weeks, I channeled my energy into our response. […]

How to Substantially Raise Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Companies strive to land on “Best of” Lists, whether they are local or national in scope. The Inavero Best of Staffing award is based on staffing firms’ Net Promoter Scores. Staffing Industry Analysts’ Best Staffing Firms to Temp For competition is also based on the Net Promoter Score system. I’ve worked with several Inavero winners and found they all share a commitment […]

Techserve Panel Discussion on Recruiting Challenges

It’s been a while since my last blog posting. We’ve been super busy launching NewVector. The response from our customers has been super positive. I’m thrilled to announce that I will be leading a panel discussion on current recruiting challenges at the upcoming TechServe Conference. The following is a description of the topics we will […]