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Boolean Essentials

Study universal methods for building basic and complex search strings to more quickly source candidates that accurately match your requirements.

Advanced Boolean

Learn advanced Boolean operators and techniques to source hard-to-find candidates.

Uncovering LinkedIn “Backdoor” Candidates with a Basic Account

Learn from a LinkedIn guru how to take maximum advantage of LinkedIn. Explore advanced features of LinkedIn to find hard-to-locate candidates more quickly.

Targeting Candidates on Social Media

Gain the skills to source candidates from Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and other social sites that cannot be found elsewhere.

Introduction to Chrome Extensions for Recruiting

Boost your recruiting productivity using Chrome extensions for recruiting. Learn how to install, use, update, maintain, and secure the top Chrome extensions for sourcing and recruiting.

Finding Candidate Contact Info

Learn the best techniques for locating candidate contact details and how to connect with candidates when you don’t have of their contact details.

First Contact and Candidate Engagement Strategies

Get prospective candidates to respond to your contact campaigns with proven messaging and methodologies.

Increase Client Responses with Personal Branding

Candidates are strongly influenced by your online presence. Develop your personal brand to become the “go-to” person for your industry niche. Learn how to use social media to position yourself as a leader in your field.

Tools for More Efficient Recruiting

Learn advanced techniques and tools for speeding up your sourcing and recruiting process.

IT Job Descriptions Dissected

In this course series, we dissect complex tough-to-fill IT job descriptions and discuss sourcing strategies for finding candidates.

X-Raying for Candidates

Learn advanced techniques for x-raying websites to locate candidates and contact information. Study how to mine websites for data, information, and important insights.

Get More Client Meetings and Candidate Referrals Using Talent Maps

Talent mapping is about identifying and profiling hard-to-find talent by company, department, or job role. Learn how to research internal organizations and structures to proactively cultivate and build talent pools.

Leading Edge Tactics for Sourcing Purple Squirrels

A top recruiter shares her techniques for sourcing candidates for hard-to-fill positions.

Cool New Sourcing Tools

Sourcing expert Dean DaCosta spends hundreds of hours evaluating and testing new sourcing tools. In this bi-monthly webinar series, Dean introduces you to the hottest new sourcing tools so you can source and recruit better candidates faster.


OZ 1 - Keys to Effective Recruiting

Oz is the most successful training course in the IT staffing industry with over 30,000 recruiters and sales execs taught! Learn the foundations of successful IT staffing including the structure of the deal and avoiding weak links; the importance of upfront closing; and the concept of eligibility versus suitability.

OZ 2 - Objection Anticipation (Candidates)

Study techniques for overcoming the most common objections you will encounter with candidates.

OZ 3 - Interviewing + Effective Hiring Decisions

Learn best practices for interviewing, qualifying, screening and controlling technical candidates.

OZ 4 - Min/Max Negotiating

Learn MinMax negotiating – the industry’s best practice for negotiating pay and bill rates to maximize gross margins.

OZ 5 - Closing

Study proven methods for closing deals with candidates and clients and how to successfully close your candidates in multiple offer situations.

OZ 6 - Common IT Staffing Industry Crisis

Study how to successfully navigate 20 common IT staffing industry crises.

Make More Placements through Better Candidate Preparation for Interviews

Improve your interview-to-placement ratio by 10-15% by investing a few extra minutes to properly prepare your candidates for interviews. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that eliminate candidates from consideration during interviews.

Consultative Staffing 1 - Introduction

Learn why consultative staffing methods save time and result in more placements compared to traditional approaches. Compare traditional skills matching with advanced performance-driven methods used by top recruiters and sales execs.

Consultative Staffing 2 - Think Like a Hiring Manager

Learn great questions you must ask hiring managers to understand your job orders at a deeper level compared to your competition. Explore how hiring managers think about contract IT staffing assignments in terms of deliverables, desired outcomes, results and budgets.

Consultative Staffing 3 - Assessing Candidates

We’ll show you how to produce more compelling submittals that will get the attention of hiring managers and land more interview requests. Learn insightful questions to assess your candidates at a deeper level.

Persuasive Writing for Recruiting

Boost your success rate with hiring managers and candidates. Learn how to write more compelling candidate submittals that attract the attention of hiring managers and speak to their needs. Learn how to write emails that are crisp, easy to read, mobile friendly and action oriented.


IT Roles and Responsibilities

Taught by an IT department director, we discuss the
organizational structure of a complex IT department. Learn the roles and the responsibilities of all the key IT departments and how they interrelate to provide IT services to end users.

IT Basics and Top IT Industry Trends

Learn a simple six layer IT model that will help you understand the various IT systems and how they interact. Learn the top strategic IT trends for 2016 and beyond.

IT Project Lifecycle Management Demystified

Gain insights into project management in the IT world from a highly experience PMI certified PM. Study all phases of the project delivery lifecycle including analysis, design, development, test, as well as Waterfall, Agile, SCRUM and Release Management methodologies.

Networking Demystified

Learn the foundations of computer networking including LANs, WANs, topologies, protocols, TCP/IP, and networking devices such as routers and firewalls.

Hardware/Platforms Demystified

Learn about computer hardware including Intel, ARM, servers, data centers, cloud computing, virtualization, IaaS and PaaS.

Operating Systems Demystified

Learn everything you need to know about operating system from the inside out including Windows, Linux, Unix, Android, Mac, iOS and so much more.

Introduction to Web Development

Study the foundations of the modern web including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, XML and AJAX.

Software Development Demystified 1

Learn the features and industry use cases for the top programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java versus.NET, Ruby, Scala, Python, Perl, PHP and object oriented programming.

Software Development Demystified 2

Gain insights into RESTful APIs, frameworks, libraries, web and mobile development, LAMP stack, open source, the .NET and J2EE stacks, front/middle/back end development, dev/ops, and IDEs.

Software Development Demystified 3 and Databases

Study cloud computing services and architectures, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, as well as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) stack.

Software Testing and QA

Learn about SQL and NoSQL databases. Understand different database models including relational, data warehousing, ETL, and Big Data products such as Hadoop. Learn key software testing and software QA concepts, tools and the Software Test Life Cycle (STLC).

Healthcare IT: Staffing Introduction

Learn the foundations of HIT including the concept of meaningful use, major HIT vendors and current regulatory trends that drive the HIT industry.

Healthcare IT: Staffing EPIC

Learn about EPIC – the leading provider of enterprise software to the HIT industry – from an EPIC consultant. Learn about EPIC’s operations, EPIC software, EPIC modules, EPIC teams and EPIC projects

Healthcare IT: Staffing Candidates

Examine HIT candidate resumes and techniques for sourcing HIT candidates. Review common HIT job orders, trigger events that lead to HIT contract consulting opportunities and methods for pursuing HIT business.


Introduction to SOW - Based IT Staffing

Learn basic IT project management concepts and strategies. Study the complete project lifecycle including initiation, project planning, scheduling, execution and closing.

Advanced SOW-Based IT Staffing

Gain an in-depth understanding of deliverables-based contracts, master agreements and SOWs. Learn how contracts are structured in terms of scope, roles, responsibilities, budgets, deliverables and milestones.

Identifying Buyers of IT Staffing Services

In this course for sales executives, we discuss efficient methods for identifying buyers of IT staffing services. We discuss how to build buyer personas and using Boolean search methods to pinpoint potential buyers through LinkedIn and other sites.

Expert Prospecting and Cold Calling

Reduce cold call jitters and learn today’s best practices for opening doors with prospective customers. Generate more call backs, leads and face-to-face meetings. This course is taught by an expert specializing in prospecting within the IT staffing industry.

Persuasive Writing for Sales

Boost your success rate with hiring managers. Learn how to write more compelling candidate submittals that attract the attention of hiring managers and speak to their needs. Learn how to write emails that are crisp, easy to read, mobile friendly and action oriented.

Hunting and Farming

Chris Cosmos introduces the Cosmos IT Staffing Sales Methodology. Learn about sales processes used by top sales performers in IT staffing, the importance of preparation at the top of the funnel, and being memorable in the minds of prospective customers.

Advancing the Sale

Chris Cosmos explains why you must focus on the prospect’s buying cycle as opposed to your selling cycle. In addition, learn the keys to properly qualify buyers and orders.

Successful Account Farming

Learn how to move the business forward once you have engaged a prospect. In this session, Chris Cosmos focuses on effective communications with prospects, and the unspectacular preparation that produces spectacular results.

Effective Objection Handling

A significant obstacle in developing new business is overcoming objections. Learn how to successfully overcome the top objections that we frequently encounter during the sales process.

CRM Management

Managing your CRM is the foundation of sales success. Chris Cosmos introduces a sales process built around active campaigning used by top producers in professional staffing.

Best Practices in Sales/Recruiting Workflows

Chris Cosmos shows you how to build a consistent sales/recruiting workflow that maximizes success. Establish realistic benchmarks and performance expectations.


Passion and focus are essential to staffing success. Combining the latest research in neuroscience and productivity, learn how to work smarter, not harder to achieve greater results in less time. This course series is based on dozens of interviews with top producing recruiters and sales execs.

Priority and Decision Making

Explore how top performers prioritize the highest value activities to produce greater value every hour of the day. Learn how to transform overwhelming workloads into stress-free productivity.

Energy Management

Energy is the fuel that enables you to be more productive, think clearly and make better decisions. Learn tactics to increase your energy, stay energized and recharge faster.

Attention and Focus

Learn how to manage attention and adopt behaviors to stay laser focused on the top priorities. This course helps you eliminate distractions so you can focus more deeply on work.

Mastering Your Technology

Make staffing technology and email work for you, not against you. Leverage technology more effectively to enable greater productivity.

Staffing Productivity

Staffing success is about speed and quality. Learn how and where you can gain time and achieve greater results more quickly.

Personal Productivity and
Work Life Balance

Achieve greater work life balance and lower stress while juggling busy schedules and competing personal demands.